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My 15 Minutes of Fame

III Algarve [ZX] Spectrum Tournament

Back in November 1987 I participated and won a video-gaming competition that was held in my hometown of Faro, Portugal. The tournament was held in knockout format, using ZX Spectrum games, some of which were Bomb-Jack, Exolon and Ms. Pac-Man (which was used in the first leg and in the 2 finals). I won a Timex TC 2048 computer which I traded up for a brand-new ZX Spectrum 128K +2.

Jovem de 14 anos venceu o Torneio Spectrum - Diário de Notícias, 1 de Dezembro de 1987 5 mil pessoas visitaram IV Salão de Informática - Correio da Manhã, 1 de Dezembro de 1987

SIC TV news spot - 2008 Spanish general election

The following news clip was transmitted on SIC on 2008-03-07 at around 20:42 local time (UTC+0). SIC is one of the three national broadcasters in Portugal, and this news piece is about Portuguese working in Spain. This was the last of 5 similar clips transmitted that week in the run-up to the 2008 Spanish General elections.