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My Logo


The logo above is ©1996 João Carlos Negrão Ventura. All unauthorized use is strictly forbidden.


I came up with the original idea for this, before or around 1996, idling in a summer afternoon at the beach, while sketching stuff in the sand. Having already used the JC design to sign with my initials, I decided to add a V to the bottom. That first sketch reminded me of a anchor, which being a citizen of a traditionally sea-faring country, made me like this concept. Returning home, I tried to reproduce it in the computer, having taken great advantage of the mirror capabilities of the paint programs to achieve the symmetry found in the current design.

What it stands for

It stands for me.
A first glance at it suggests an animal shape - a deer or a bird's beak - which reflects my ecologist side. Then, the combination of my initials (JCV) is slowly revealed, to form my personal monogram. The overall symmetry of the design reflects my search for balance in life.

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